Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Animated GIF Visualizing the possible path of cental line of Eclipse January 2010

This is an animated GIF image that shows the paths of central line and penumbral shadow, which is in gray color. The areas covered with gray shadow are subject to observe a partial solar eclipse as per the animated eclipse graph. The small red dot refers to the umbral shodow of this annular eclipse on 15th January 2010.

The date is shown in the top left corner of the image, whereas the relevant corresponding UT/GMT time is shows in the top right region.

Moreover the lowermost time scale corresponds to the time duration that the central line will be visible in each area. As per this eclipse graph it is visible that the eclipse lasts more time in Sri Lanka and neighboring territories.

This valuable eclipse graph was created by Dr. Andrew Sinclair and I'd also take this occasion to extend my hearfelt thanks for the job done.


  1. I was wandering if I could get some detailed animated gif for my project, so this post helped me lot. Thanks.

  2. You're welcome James !!

    I'm glad this helped you !!