Sunday, January 17, 2010

The main Contacts of Annular Eclipse 15th January 2010

The contacts of the eclipses are really important to anyone, interested in eclipses, Especially the contacts are considered as milestones of a whole eclipse. Now I'm posting the contacts that were photographed by our friend Shehal during the eclipse.

He was of great assistance to all of us majorly, throughout the eclipse session, I'm sure you will find his infrared filtered photos awesome, Thank you Shehal, Of course feel free to visit him @ kanabona and meet him ! :D

Here is the 1st Contact of the Eclipse

Thus follows the contact No.2

Please note that the reflected images are due to the polarizer and glass filter that Shehal used,

Next comes Contact #3

Here is the last contact which is the contact #4

So, please feel free to share the photos/images you have taken in your end, and let's create a comprehensive eclipse photo archive,

And here are the optics details for above photos, courtesy of Shehal,!!

Telescope: Celestron NexStar 5se
Focal length: 1.25m
Filter: energy rejection filter

Thank you again Shehal !!


  1. Thank you Shehal, Desh, aalk and all those involved for sharing this great experience. I'm 60 yrs old and in Mt. Lavinia and most interested. Did anyone take pictures of the shadows on the ground during the eclipse? Frm: Shereen (

  2. I often visit ''. There were some eclipse photos, but none from Sri Lanka. Facility for upload is available. Pls check it out and make SLanka known. Frm: Shereen Amendra