Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hidden Sunspots of 1st Contact of Annular Solar Eclipse 15th January 2010

You might surely have had a look at the above image, which features the 1st Contact of Annular Solar Eclipse 15th January 2010, However, are you sure that you got the image clearly? Can you see the sunspots there?
Even I didn't notice that at all, till Shehal informed me.It was really a surprise, We didn't mean to catch up sunspots in our Jaffna Eclipse expedition, nor did we plan.

But surprisingly this is what really happened, Eclipse Crew is so proud about this news, and I wanted to inform you all !!

Following is an enhanced photo, from the above one, You can clearly see the sunspots now !!

ANd follwing is from SOHO about the sunspots on the same day (15th January 2010). Credit should go to Prof. Kavan for the image.

If you can go through more photos from Shehal's set you might find some other sunspots as well !! And again here is the link for his set, http://www.flickr.com/photos/shehal/sets/72157623218123592/

And I invite you to visit Shehal @ Kanabona and read his latest and comprehensive post about the annular eclipse 15th January 2010. http://www.kanabona.com/celestial_sphere_ring_of_fire

Let me know what you think, and feel free to share your stories if you too have spotted sunspots !!

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  1. i am sorry i am kinda of new in astronomy
    i was wondering why we expected there would be no sunspots observed in Jan 15 2010?
    And why we can observe them now?