Sunday, January 17, 2010

Photos/ Images of Annular Solar Eclipse 15th January 2010 from Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Here, I'm posting some of the best quality photos/ images, featuring Annular Solar Eclipse 15th January 2010 from Jaffna, Sri Lanka. In fact, it was really a great and thrilling experience visiting to the best eclipse site Jaffna located in Northern frontiers of Sri Lanka. The Eclipse Expedition turned out to be really a successful event and we had more than 2000 participants, who ranged from school children, teachers, eclipse chasers, traveling groups, random people, and even army and police (Even D.I.G. of Jaffna visited to our eclipse site, located at the grounds of Jaffna Hindu College himself paid a visit to eyewitness this extraordinary episode of natural phenomena)!!

Thus unfolds a bunch of really great pictures, that are worth cherishing !!

Please note that some of these photos have been taken from a projected image of the eclipse, as the eclipse is filtered and caught in a screen,

The above photo features the 1st contact of the annular sole eclipse, 15th January 2010/

and this is just after the very first contact,

The above shows how the sun is being silhouetted, gradually, before the annular phase is to start,

The above are projected photos. Refer to next upcoming posts to see greater photos, featuring the annular phase. If you want to copy the photos/ images featured in this site, please feel free to do so with a proper citation, and please contact me at jdpdesh ((( at ))) gmail . com when you are doing so, Otherwise it will be illegal and action will be taken as per the license laws.


  1. I, living on the earth at present, feel extreemely happy to witness this wonderful Solar Eclipse happened on 15th Jan. 2010, and it will never be posssible for me to see this sort of eclipse once again in my balence of life. I am aged 70 years as on the year.

    J.Bliss- Vishakhapatnam
    201700 Jan 2010

  2. Sure, hope you enjoyed it !!