Friday, June 25, 2010

Eclipse-Chasers from around the World, readying to Flock to South Pacific

If you're an eclipse-chaser, it is no doubt whether you've dreamed of visiting South Pacific or even Chile for this year's total solar eclipse, taking place on 11th next month. But actually only a few can make their dream come true, as it costs a lot to visit somewhere in South Pacific and head back home, Therefore it is one of the aims of this blog to update the people, especially the tantalized eclipse-chasers about the stories, triggering enthusiasm about total solar eclipse 2010.
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Therefore we are hoping to invite guest writers/ bloggers, who are in pursuit of this eclipse, to bring more news for you in their own words. So far, I've been able to contact few amateur astronomers and travelers/ photographers, already planned to eye-witness the eclipse, (Of course you can literally eye-witness as there's no sun being visible during the totality). Hopefully I look forward to publish their details soon after a proper contact is made. Moreover, if you the reader of this post, happen to be a visitor to the South Pacific for the July-11th-eclipse, please let me know and I'll coordinate you on how to share your words with the readers of this blog. It doesn't matter if you're a veteran or an amateur, we just wanna share the experience...

Additionally I'd like to thank the readers who've responded by contacting me through the general email, Your feedback is very important and just feel free to let me know your say, even a suggestion for the blog to be better, everything is welcome, including criticisms as well. The more your replies would be,  more encouraged I would be !!!

Statistics about the blog shows a daily increment of number of visits from Chile, and this may be due to the great preparation and zealousness of the Chileans getting ready for the eclipse to witness, as Chile is the only landmass where you get to observe the total solar eclipse in South American territories, whilst lunar silhouette kisses over the Chilean hills.

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