Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Solar Eclipse Blog 2010 with New Layout and Features

Hello all eclipse-minded people,

It's so great that the news of Total Solar Eclipse July 2010 is fast spreading, despite there are many other attractions for the people, (such as FIFA world cup in South Africa), This is evident from the increasing number of visitors to this blog from many countries,

In the meantime I changed the layout and the usual design of this eclipse blog, going bit bluish for the anticipated Easter Island eclipse. I also added a gadget for this blog 'Eclipse Chat' an online chat room for the eclipse chasers and other like minded people to share their thoughts, Amazingly with the launch of the chat, I got a comment/ IM from a visitor probably from Argentina, saying that the FIFA World Cup Final and the total solar eclipse are gonna happen in the same day, It was really a good news to be shared I think, so my thumbs up for that visitor, Similarly you can also share your ideas to improve this blog and just to interact with other possible eclipse chasers by sending me an email to 2010.solar.eclipse@gmail.com

To be precise there are only 18 days left for the eclipse to take place, so it's better to get your traveling agents contacted and get those visa and other paperwork ready to visit Easter Island, Mangaia, Cook Islands or even South America. It would be really tantalizing if you missed this as this is gonna be a life time experience.

Featured NEWS

Well, the analytics data of this blog yielded me great information about you, our readers/ visitors. That is majority of our visitors are from South America -->>; Chile, In other words we have many Spanish visitors, So what's the point of blogging in English to an educated Spanish audience. GOOD NEWS for you all,

I decided that we would go Spanish exclusively for the readers of Chile and other south American countries, who are the frequent visitors to this blog, Of course I will blog in English and simultaneously there would be a Spanish translation of the blog post in Spanish. I believe it can't get better than this for you all !! :)

The top 10 countries contributed in making the most number of visitors for the last month

  1. Chile
  2. United States
  3. Poland
  4. Brazil
  5. Argentina
  6. Romania
  7. Sweden
  8. India
  9. Hungary
  10. Bulgaria
 The map depicting where the visitors are from
The top 10 countries, where the most numbers of visitors have been coming from
    So, these are the updates I've got for you whilst upgrading this blog with the new layout and features. Let's stay in touch..Look forward to the blog posts in Spanish !! It's promise given to you all...... :-)

    Don't forget to buzz me up at 2010.solar.eclipse@gmail.com if you've got any update/ info to share...you're warmly welcome : of course you may write in whatever language you want..but English and Spanish will be preferred..
    Cheers !!

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