Sunday, February 7, 2010

Diamond Ring effect of Eclipse on 15th January 2010 ?

Well, you might wonder how come the diamond effect could take place with the annular solar eclipse that we all witnessed on last 15th January. It was of course an annular solar eclipse, where the moon's shadow was not big enough to cast full darkness to the solar image,  resulting in a ring of fire to appear.

This is the diamond ring effect

So why am I talking about a diamond ring effect, which is characteristic to a total solar eclipse, something like that will take place on 11th July 2010 to some of the Polynesian archipelagos, such like, Cook island & Easter island. But there's a reason. Guess what ?

And this is the Ring of Fire effect

We know that it was the moon eclipsing the sun on 15th January 2010. This was observed in a wide geographical areas, both as a partial and annular eclipse.

Just think, what would it look like when observed the same phenomena from a slightly different perspective. Suppose if we were out in the sky under different conditions. What could have been seen? Although none of us were there at the very time, something was there, observing and taking photos/ videos. She was Kaguya, yes Japan's Kaguya Lunar Orbiter.

 For Kaguya, there was a diamond ring effect. It was Earth eclipsing Sun, quite the opposite of what we saw from Earth. Here you go !!

This is the video !! Watch it and enjoy !!!

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