Wednesday, January 20, 2010

12,956 Visits & 22,256 Page Views for Eclipse 2010 blog on Annular Eclipse Day

People say statistics could give you a different scope of something, a rather different perspective or a point of view, if you are fond of dealing with numbers. Well Let's check if that's really true. Now I'm posting here the basic statistics data that Google Analytics gave me for the very eclipse day, which was 15th instant.

Well it says 13K visitors to my eclipse 2010 blog in just a single day.. Can you believe it !! OMG !! I have never had so many visitors in a single day for any of my sites, never ever I'm sure it won't be beater soon !!

At a certain time during the eclipse, I also noticed that there were 2,000 + visitors online, Yes simultaneously !!

There were loads of chatting going on, they were watching and sometimes asking us different questions about the webcast, which was paralyzed for a while, due to bandwidth limitations. There were visitors from all over the globe, for this once-in-a-lifetime natural phenomenon, (I believe the webcast paid off their waiting in the end, as we streamed the later sessions of the eclipse without any trouble, you may check the ustream archives to find them)

As you can see the attached image, the majority of the visitors came to this blog from India, then from US and  there was tremendous amount of traffic from Asian countries. Altogether there were 127 countries, from where visitors come to my multilingual eclipse site. (I support 18 languages in this blog, see the header for each language's translation )I think this was the reason that the official streaming site got suspended (due to high traffic and exceeding bandwidth)

Well, literally Google Organic search sent me, 9,798 visitors whereas the total visits from search engines were 10,257 which contributed to the total traffic with a share of 79.17%. The best keyword for my eclipse blog on that day was " solar eclipse 2010  ", which sent 1,509 visits providing 14.71% of mammoth total of 10,257 organic search visits.

The following image can give you an idea about how the traffic has changed dramatically and now got back to it's initial values, This shows the analytics data for last 1 month.
How amazing what an eclipse could do, apart from physical/ observable parameters !!

This is how the traffic was like just few days before the eclipse,

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  1. Its awesome coz people came across all over the world.. 127 countries/territories nice work...