Thursday, January 14, 2010

Arrived at Jaffna this Morning for the eclipse 2010, the big day awaits !! Thus begins the expedition for the Eclipse 2010

Well, it's been a while, SINCE we left Colombo. I should have started my LiveBlog for the Eclipse 2010, yesterday. However bad internet connection throughout the route, we've been traveling and low-powered LAPTOPS prevented it so far. I'm really sorry for taking it too long to start the LiveBlog. I know you've been expecting it for such a long period. Well, now the tough time is gone, traveling is gone and we are here in Jaffna for the annular solar eclipse tomorrow.

Below, you can see a photo our eclipse crew, taken at Ambepussa, where we had our dinner.

In fact we arrived in Jaffna this Morning at about 9am, by the way we had a great chance to celebrate Thaipongal with a Tamil family in Jaffna. I should really thank Uma, Sujii and Karthik  for arranging this for all of us. It was really exciting to celebrate this festival for the 1st time in our lives, here in Jaffna. In addition this is the 1st time all of our crew, made their visit to Jaffna.

Here I'm mentioning  the important places that we passed during your drive to Jaffna, starting from Colombo yesterday at 7.00 pm.

  • Leaving Colombo (from office of Virakesari/ Express Newspapers)-7.00 pm (13th)
  • Ambepussa (Dinner) - 9.30 pm
  • Dambulla - 11.50 pm
  • Mihintale - 01.00 am (14th)
  • Rambewa - 01.18 am
  • Mmedawachchiya -01.55 am
  • Vavuniya -02.55 am
  • Omanthi - 04.25 am
  • Puliyankulama - 5.10 am
  • Kanagarayankulama - 5.47 am
  • Mankulam - 6.06 am
  • Akkarayankulam - 6.40 am
  • Kilinochchi - 6.55 am
  • Elephant Pass - 7.15 am
  • Palei - 7.44 am
  • Muhamalei -7.52 am
  • Mirusu Wil - 8.05 am
  • Kadikanam - 8.11 am
  • Chavakachcheri -8.45 am
  • Jaffna - 9.15 am

and now I will refer to the unforgettable departure we had when leaving Colombo, In the evening of 14th, we went to the office of Virakesari, located at Armor Street. There, we had a nice session with Karthik and his staff at the Express Newspapers, Also we took some great photos, prior to the leaving.

It was a great experience greeting everybody, before going out for expedition to North for Eclipse 2010.

And above is a photo of mine, taken at Elephant Pass.

Now, we are here in Jaffna, and keep in touch with my blog for many exciting experiences to come.

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  1. Thank you for taking the efforts to offer a live webcast for enthusiasts like me in the US. Lets hope there is no cloud cover!