Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Schedule of Eclipse Hunt 2010

Our Schedule,  Eclipse, Hunt, 2010
We have arranged a schedule for the Eclipse Hunt. In fact we are planning to leave Colombo from 13th instant and are hoping to travel by either Train or Bus. Although there are flights available directly from Colombo to Jaffna, they're pretty expensive for your budget !!

So we opted in for Train or Bus as the transportation means. In addition to the telescopes and filters, there would be some electronic equipment such as Laptops, Webcams, Filters, needed for the Eclipse Hunt.

As the Live Streaming of the Eclipse will be a major focus, we have to make sure we got the best equipment possible and to have a fast internet uplink, We are negotiation a sponsorship at the moment for that, and I believe it would be feasible a well. We are gonna talk more with local Telecommunication providers and it's the priority of action plan at the moment !!

Here is the schedule of Eclipse Hunt 2010 !!

13th – Departure (by train/ bus – night)

14th – Arrival in the Morning at Vavuniya and departure to Jaffna

14th – Arrival at Jaffna

14th – a test streaming (Time permitting)

15th – Solar Eclipse 2010

15th – A night camp, late in the evening

16th – Heading back to Colombo

Therefore, stayed tuned with us to catch the live updates/ news on Eclipse 2010as it happens !!
I'll be blogging the eclipse news live from the spot in this LiveBlog of eclipse 2010!!

Please do subscribe tot he RSS feed of eclipse 2010 to catch up the excitement !!

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