Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Timings of Annular Solar Eclipse 2010 January for Sacramento, US, corresponding to Eclipse in Jaffna, Sri Lanka & South India

Well there are 2 cities from the same name in USA in bith California, and Pennsylvania.Therefore I've posted the both timings.

The eclipse is starting at 11.18 am local time (Jaffna Peninsula) and end at 15.11 pm, well the corresponding time from Sacramento (PST Time), California will be 9.48 pm on (14th) and 1.41 am(15th). since there is another city from the same name, Sacramento, Pennsylvania (EST Time) the ideal timings will be from 00.48 am (15th) and 4.41 am (15th).

From Jaffna, Sri Lanka, the peak of the annular solar eclipse will start from 1.20 pm and will last for 10 minutes and 8 seconds. So one can calculate the equivalent time to be 11.50 pm PST (14th ) from Cali and 2.50 am EST (15th) from Pennsylvania.

In addition you can join with our eclipse expedition which we will start this evening prior to Pongal day. My eclipse blog http://2010eclipse.blogspot.com/ will go live and I'll be LiveBlogging the event, lively throughout our eclipse chase.

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  1. what will will be the eclipse time in india on 15 jan