Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting ready for the Eclipse Hunt 2010

Yesterday, we had a meeting to discuss about the Eclipse Hunt 2010, near APIIT, Colombo. In addition to this we handed over the required documents for the Ministry of Defense, for the approval of Eclipse Hunt 2010, since we'd be heading to North. We were glad that we successfully handed over the Documents tot he Ministry and then we had a small meeting inside FoodWave near APIIT, Colombo.

Almost many of our crew members took part in the meeting except Imesha, Madusha and Pulasthi, who were absent due to unavoidable circumstances.

We discussed on how to travel to Jaffna. From the news we had obtained, it would take 10 hours for the whole journey from a normal bus and we were required to book the tickets on that day itself, So it was kinda risking the schedule if we were waiting for that bus, So we ruled that out and at this moment, we got the news about a special bus, which leaves for Jaffna from Colombo during the night. This was a private bus and the good news was that we could book the tickets prior to the journey, However the expenses we pretty high. A cost per head for traveling was Rs 1,800/= (US $ 18), where as the other local bus took it Rs 800/=
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From left to right :

Anuradha, Deshapriya (me), Hasitha, Shamil, Pavithra & Thilina

Then we also talked about the way of streaming, giving publicity for the event !!
As per the discussions we conduced that we would give the live webcast of the annular solar eclipse from and also add a live commentary together with the eclipse streaming.

Thilina also brought up the news that few other countries would also be joining us in the effort towards streaming, from different locations !!

Looking forward to Annular Solar Eclipse 2010 15th January !!

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