Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Unforgettable moments at Express Newspapers, before we left for Jaffna for Eclipse 2010

I thought of dedicating a unique post for the unforgettable moments shared by both the eclipse crew and staff of Express Newspapers, our generous sponsors. Below you can see the official sticker of Eclipse expedition January 2010, as it's pasted to our vehicle.

Then all of our crew members posed for a group photograph, which featured our friend Karthik and members of the staff of Express Newspapers. Thus unfold those exciting photos, which carry a lot of cherished memoirs..

Here is another one..

Some more...

In addition to that me and my crew member Aruna Gammanpila posed with the sticker, stuck on the windows of the vehicle,
I should say that it was really a wonderful start for a expeditious journey to Jaffna, exploring unknown horizons !!! Thank you Karthik and Express Newspapers for bringing us such an amazing experience..

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