Friday, January 1, 2010

Eclipse Hunt begins for Annular Solar Eclipse on 15th January 2010

The Eclipse Hunt has just begun for the Annular Solar Eclipse from Sri Lanka. We now have a crew specified for covering the Eclipse on 15th. Well the Eclipse crew is made up with following people. However there could be revisions and this is the eclipse crew from Sri Lanka for the Eclipse 2010.

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Eclipse 2010 Crew

  1. Thilina Heenatigala
  2. Anuradha Jayathilaka
  3. Hasitha Karunaratne
  4. Imesh Perera
  5. Prasanna Deshapriya (Me)
  6. Madusha Dedigamuwa
  7. Buddhika Priyasad
  8. Plashthi Kanaththage

Today is the 02nd and we got 15 more days left for the eclipse to occur, Especially this Eclipse crew is ready to visit Jaffna from Colombo. Jaffna is located in Northern end of the Sri lanka's frontiers and it's the exact area where the eclipse's central line will be. At the moment we're packing up our luggage and getting the things confirmed, (such like electronic equipment, telescope, accommodation, food and beverage, traveling)

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