Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What a collaboration, it's been with Express Newspapers for the Eclipse Hunt !!

I believe this is a good news in terns of Eclipse 2010. Yesterday (6th January) turned out to be a great day for us, the Eclipse Crew fro the Eclipse Hunt 2010. It was that we were able to visit Express Newspapers, located in Colombo and were able to hold a meeting with the executive board of Express Newspapers regarding our Eclipse Hunt 2010, It turned out to be a great collaboration with Express Newspapers, and we are looking forward to the partnership with excitement.

Following is the photo, taken when we were at the meeting with the presence of executive board of Express Newspapers.

collaboration, Express ,Newspapers,eclipse, hunt, 2010
And thank you Karthik, (Manager Online, Express Newspapers (Ceylon) Limited) my friend for bringing out this wonderful affiliation.


  1. Thank you guys for visiting us! Hope we will experience those interesting days ahead to make this project a lifetime commemoration and look forward for a closer association with your team in future.

  2. Great job guys...All the Best!!!

  3. You're welcome Karthik,

    We too are looking forward tot he exciting expedition, lying ahead !!

    Cheers !!