Saturday, January 16, 2010

Preparing for the Eclipse 2010, few hours left for the Ring of Fire to take place


In fact following is a draft, that I was gonna post, however due to the busy preparation, that we had, I was unable to post it, now I'm posting it !!Sorry for inconvenience, caused !!


It's really been an exciting Morning today, All our guys are so much looking forward to the big phenomenon to happen...

At the moment, we are at the grounds of Hindu College, Jaffna, where our eclipse observing site is located. In fact this is the place which is few meters away from the main central line of the Annular solar eclipse January 2010.

Here are some images that I thought better to post online, these were taken few minutes ago, when we were arranging the tent for the eclipse.

This is is how the preparation took place,

Another photo,Here you can see me and mu colleague, crew mate, Aruna Gammanpila holding the two banners of the eclipse expedition, as sponsored by Virakesari, Express Newspapers.

Again, this is me.

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